6522 – Tractatus deciphered is a homage to Wittgenstein and an attempt to create a show without words – showing what can not be said

In the Blue Painted blue it is the extreme consequence of the contemporary performing arts: there is only what the viewer wants to see – I do not make that offer the frame. It ‘also a tribute to the imagination

in Who’s afraid of red I apologize for what I’ve created so far – and the public’s dream comes true

in La Pietra I try sculpture circumscribed in the block of marble. According to Michelangelo just remove the superfluous. It took me 12 hours, I found it, but mostly I did

Work in progress is what one can expect: work in progress. 8 hours, at night, on the roof. Perhaps it is also a comment on those who present their works as Work in progress ..

To be and not to be (To be and not be) – here is the answer. The public can not enter the theater where the monologue takes place – there are, and there are no