mugro1My works can be considered as my way of telling the world, art and myself. I do not know paint, dance or sing, so I am forced to use other means: installations, performances, videos .. everything is allowed, everything is possible.
I use everything that comes to mind – material, time, space, the audience, always trying to find the limits of expression, art and taste.

It is presented as Grotius Museum.
Usually, a museum she dedicated to a famous artist when he died. For now, they are neither the one nor the other – and I did not wait for that moment … The museum can offer the right environment where the works are presented together, without discriminating between the various disciplines, allowing you to understand better to the individual works.

Grotius museum is not static: it has a fixed place of business nor a curator. The museum is also an attempt to preserve everything for future generations, if anyone is interested, of course.