grozioAlberto Grotius was born in Holland and lives and works in Turin.

After a few years of Polytechnic (Mechanical Engineering – wanted to be a designer of Formula 1 …) machines began to devote himself to art. First as a bass player in a punk-rock bands, then comes the love of theater. He attends the HKU (DAMS) of Utrecht. And ‘the founder of the Dubbel Teek group, for which four royal signature, also writing the lyrics.

In 1989, after graduating, she began working for 10 years with Jan Fabre. And ‘The protagonist of the palace at 4 pm shows. AG .., Sweet Temptations, Universal Copyrights and Glowing Icons. It also began to create installations and performances. Occasionally he works as an actor and musician for Werktheater (Amsterdam) and Lichtend Zwerk (Eindhoven).

In 1999 he moved to Turin, where he became artistic director of Infinito ltd. From birth to the festival of contemporary theater Torino Call!

By 2002, he will be dedicated to their projects: numerous installations and videos, shows and performances, featuring in Italy and abroad.