Welcome to alberto grozio‘s website.
You’ll find an overview of the recent projects: conceptual installations, situationist perfomances and minimalist video – or an original, playfull mixture of all this and more.. What you see is not what you get..



  • A promotional DVD with footage of the performances, and a cd-rom with over 90 minutes of video-documentation of the performances and installations can be requested here
  • Who’s afraid of red, the latest performance of Alberto Grozio has been presented at the Avignonfestival this summer. See under performance
  • museogrozio was in Turin, Italy, from 15/04/2004 till 10/05/2004 at Macché – via della Consolata, Torino.
  • Music! Subbacultcha, Grozio’s contribution to Hey! a Pixies-tribute album made by members of frankblack.net can be found at that adress! Dial Booking phone number and you can download the whole album (free!)